New Generations

“NEW GENERATIONS” The Hip-Hop Video/Magazine TV Show made its way on the cable stations throughout Los Angeles in the early to late 90’s. The show captured and held it’s viewers for a solid five years. This was no doubt a Platinum T.V./Cable show with viewer ship of over 2.5 million on the West Coast. “NEW GENERATIONS” brought you interviews that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. With live “unplugged” performance by many of the finest recording artist as well as a library of platinum artist and videos, while keeping you informed with current events. The show was created by the late Rose Ivra/Kenyatta Productions to provide a channel for young adults to voice their opinions. It is our goal to bring “NEW GENERATIONS” BACK so that this show can continue its growth and serve the Industry at large.

“NEW GENERATIONS” will continue to entertain you through SKeyeland Enterprises with Live Performances, Unplugged Interviews, Personality Profiles, Video Countdowns, 411 News, In the Mixx, Sports, Dance, and Any Last Wordz.

“NEW GENERATIONS” plans to stay original and provide an avenue for the African-American community to be seen, heard, and portrayed in a positive limelight while supplying a channel for all cultures.


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