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First we will like to say Thank You to all the websites who have showed their support by letting us share our memories and stories on their blogs and media sites.

We at The Wrap-Up Magazine have been dedicated to creating articles that are not the same as other websites. We try to stand out with with post that have the same direction just in a new format. We welcome you to take a look at any celebrity by clicking on their name.

Engage in cool articles and cool things like Fans Favorites and more. See related content at the end of the article!

We all adore Beyonce and Destiny's Child. See great articles about them both from old to new. (CLICK HERE).

We like to shake things up when it comes to R. Kelly. Did I forget to mention we also keep him in our playlist! (CLICK HERE).

We've had a blast creating articles about Jennifer Lopez. We sure you will find great articles to engage with. (CLICK HERE).

You already know Eminem had a huge year in 2019. You can just image what we had to say! (CLICK HERE).

There is nothing bad you can say about Mimi. Her career speaks for itself. The beloved Butterfly will soar forever (CLICK HERE).

Jay-Z has become the biggest entupnuer in the music indstry. His business ventures has made him a billionaire and co ownwer of a NFL team. (CLICK HERE).

Want to see more? Do you like creative topics? Then take a look at these few pages below for other good material.

Celebrity Match Up

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