Kinema Ivra

Kinema Ivra is back again. She hit the Music scene in the 90’s with her hit underground cable show “New Generations” that aired on over 15 local cable channels throughout Southern California. When Kinema Ivra creates a plan and swings into action things begin to happen fast... Kinema has Assistant Directed/Co-Produced over 15 commercial spots and Co-Produced/Hosted the hit underground Hip-Hop show "New Generations". While taking a break from the music scene Kinema went back to school and earned a AA degree in Radio Broadcasting, A Bachelor of Arts in Television Performance/Production. After undergraduate school along with three colleagues they formed a production company called Endless Dreams that produced stage plays throughout Southern California. Continuing on to graduate school she earned A Master’s degree in Leadership Administration while collecting a teaching and principal certification. Kinema is currently writing movies, and children books while still working with Students in Video Productions. Watch out for the upcoming pilot " New Generations 2.0 ”.




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