SKeyeland Enterprises is a full production company. The company recently merged with Kenyatta Productions. Kenyatta Production was found by the late Rose Ivra in 1984. The Production company was known for it's hit one hour cable magazine show NEW GENERATIONS which was produced by Rose Ivra and Hosted by Kinema Ivra. The show focused on the social issues that involved the youth and young adults and provided a channel for young adults to voice their opinions. Kenyatta Productions has a direct link with the Music Industry and NEW GENERATIONS brought you live unplugged performances by many of the finest new recording artist as well as a library of platinum artists and videos. SKeyeland Enterprises is a corporation that consist of Television and Film Productions, Management of Recording Artists, Children Books and Plays, and a Youth Training Academy. We are dedicated to developing creative programming that focuses in on portraying positive images and establishing a voice and a view for the world that amplifies the messages and events happening in our communities. SKeyeland Enterprises is a full production company and we have the staff to provide all your product development needs. We are committed to bringing you a RENEWED VISION. Our mission is to develop, produce, and distribute television shows and films that provide entertainment and information. We will continue to provide training programs for our youth and young adults.



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